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We Welcome You!!!


We invite you to join us for a vibrant worship and fellowship experience here at Wallace Baptist Church.  


We are encouraged by the testimonies of lives being transformed by the power and presence of God.  


Our church proclaims Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  


We challenge and support one another to grow spritually in personal walks with Him.  


When you first arrive, you are our guest but when you leave, you are our friend.

Bro. Andy Martin


Martin Brother Andy.jpg



Around 1905, Wallace Baptist Church was established to serve God and to serve our community. When the church first opened, our forefathers named it New Smyrna Baptist Church.  The church was originally located approximately 300 yards west of the present church parsonage on Wallace Lake Road, Pace, Florida.  Our earliest records reveal that Rev. H.D. Wilson of Bagdad, Florida, was the church’s first pastor.  


More than 30 years later, New Smyrna Baptist Church decided to relocate to our present day location of 6601 Chumuckla Highway, Pace, Florida. The move was made possible when a family in our community, Mr. & Mrs. R. V. Caraway, donated a portion of their land to the church.  Initially, worshippers met at the nearby Wallace Schoolhouse until a new church could be built on the new property.  On May 17, 1942, thirty-two worshippers gathered for the first time in the Wallace Schoolhouse to rejoice and to praise God.  During that first Sunday worship service, 2 souls were saved and later baptized in the coastal bay waters of Floridatown in Pace, Florida.  In 1943, the Christian people of the Smyrna Baptist Church constructed a small one-room red-tile building that served as a sanctuary.  


Then on October 20, 1946, a landmark decision was made during a church’s business meeting to rename Smyrna Baptist Church to Wallace Baptist Church as it is known today.

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